Delivering the finest frozen delicacies to South Florida

Our breads and pastries are second to none in South Florida

Only 100% butter, no substitutes

Untreated, unbleached flour

No preservatives, additives, or artificial ingredients

Delivered in temperature controlled trucks

We serve the best hotels, restaurants, country clubs, cafes, private events, and more.


No special equipment or proofing necessary. Finish our pastries in any oven or thaw and serve our breads


We provide consistent quality and appearance for the same customer experience every time

Long Shelf Life

Our products stay fresh frozen in the freezer for months without preservatives

Less Waste

Limit food waste by only using what you need at the time

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Our products arrive at peak-freshness and require no special equipment to prepare

Ready to Bake

Products that are pre-proofed and pre-eggwashed, eliminating the extra prep work. Bake to perfection in any oven.


A meticulous process of baking to a precise point just before completion, then promptly flash-frozen and sealed to preserve freshness and moisture for up to 5 months. When ready to use, finish baking in any oven.

Fully Baked

Items that are completely baked and then blast frozen. When ready to use, simply thaw and serve or warm up in any oven.