Our Story

In 2000, Gerard and Vera Perez relocated from Canada to the United States and opened a café with the objective of sharing their favorite Montreal-based breads and pastries. After much success and three cafes later, they discovered a higher demand for wholesaling these high-quality products. Tragically, Gerard passed away in 2010, leaving Vera to uphold their shared vision.

Jeremy, their eldest son, assumed a pivotal role in managing and expanding the business. Later, Shannon, Jeremy’s wife, joined in to help the family business grow. With dedication and hard work, they have broadened their product line to meet the diverse needs of each customer.

After operating out of the same warehouse for 15 years, the Perez’s realized it was time to find more space for their products. In 2024, First Harvest moved to a new facility, where they designed and built a state-of-the-art freezer to store their delicacies. They also created a showroom to curate personalized experiences for current and future customers to taste and explore their product line.

First Harvest’s success stems from their specialization in premium, fully baked, frozen items, which distinguishes them from their competitors. Additionally, their quick turnaround time in sourcing and delivering products is unmatched in the industry. A true, small family business dedicated to delivering high quality products throughout South Florida.